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We are InvexTrade

A fully integrated Group of companies, InvexTrade identifies micro-markets within a wide range of investment options offered both within the company as well as with other affiliate companies that will outperform due to demographic trends, improving infrastructure and compelling fundamentals. InvexTrade adds value throughout the investment cycle by applying proactive asset and property management, constructive expertise etc. Unlike most investment firms, InvexTrade does not center itself around large scale investors alone, here we’re able to manage portfolios opening at $2,000. 
InvexTrade was founded by Nigel K. Phineas and Garth Avi Londren, it is today managed by both of them and a team of seasoned professionals. For Mr. Kissinger and Mr. Londren, a part of the company’s operations is the pivot of their continued devotion to InvexTrade and they have continued to do so for well up to a decade. The company has  handled asset management portfolios to the tune of $2.8 Billion since 2012.

What we seek

InvexTrade seeks out both on & off-market opportunities that generally possess a margin of economic safety due to a comparatively low cost basis. Value is created through prompt capital investment and diligent focus on timely exit.
InvexTrade and its principals have extensive experience as institutional managers of third party capital, having acted as fiduciaries for over $2 billion of equity. Through sound governance, comprehensive reporting and absolute transparency, InvexTrade prides itself on delivering outstanding service to investors and partners.
Mr Londren currently advises on over $10 billion for a clientele comprised primarily of both VIP investors, individual investors, companies, families and other institutional investors paving the way for clients interested in investing substantial assets to access his advisory and investment capabilities.

We are working to make forex trading better for everyone:

The world is gradually moving from conventional ways of getting paid – be it your paycheck, pension or piggy bank savings to trading which provides a more secure way to creating wealth. So rather than keeping up with the daily hurdles of the conventional banking system – invest in InvexTrade and discover trading without limits. Our Computerized System gives you digital financial independence and success.

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to be your preferred trading Platform as we seek to be your guide to maximizing the potential of the trading system. Our system creates awareness and educates users of the need to harness the opportunities of investing. Our global team of professionals work effortlessly to educating potential users on creating wealth through investing in Foreign Exchange market.

Why Trade with us

Our Trading System provides users with the most convenient way of earning Cash. Our trading plan and daily returns ensures total customer satisfaction evident in the testimonials from users and perfect ratings. Our system is structured to ensuring a complete user experience, we trade with ease.



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